Lapel Pins for Peace
used as a teaching tool

Lapel pins are great conversation starters and show support for tollerence and peace. I have used them at conferences, meetings, peace rallies, youth groups, and schools.


•  Give each person a lapel pin to wear.
•  Individuals or teams talk to others trying to identify all 8 symbols.
•  In small groups share what you know of Islam, Judaism, Taoism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhist, Ancient Egyptian, and Aboriginal wisdom
•  Listen, research, and learn about sacred texts, holy places, the various names for God, special features and beliefs, search out false stereotypes. Did you know that all the major religions have a core belief that we should respect one another?
•  Relate each symbol to one or more geographical location.
•  How do they relate to current events? * Young children enjoy the emblem as a coloring sheet.
• The angles and curves of the design are challenging to creative arts students.
•   Pass it on: This logo may be used by any non-profit group to promote peace and understanding.


When the manufacturer made a printing error on the lapel pins this exercise became Conversation Piece. Soooo,  on the back of each pin we added the name and drawing of one of the symbols (one piece). Through conversation groups of 8 could discover the meaning of the whole emblem. It worked ! High quality (peace or piece) lapel pins may be ordered in the above design at a reduced rate if you order through this site. email:

Photos by Richard J Milne


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