This page is dedicated to those who are looking to use the symbol and need to have Photoshop or Illustrator files as well as the regular tiffs or jpgs. Please Note the Illustrator and Photoshop files take much longer to download.

To download the black & white logo to the left as an Illustrator 10 file CLICK HERE . For one in Illustrator 7 eps version CLICK HERE

For the version with the conversation pin lettering around the logo
CLICK HERE for a psd file & CLICK HERE for the Illustrator file

For a black & white image of the symbol in reverse as an Illustrator file

To Download the gold 3D image as a Photoshop file CLICK HERE
To Download the image in Silver as a Photoshop file CLICK HERE

For a 300 dpi B&W 6 inch square .tif CLICK HERE
For a gold 576 pixel square .tif CLICK HERE

For black and white versions of the symbols by themselves
click on the symbol name you would like.

For a large jpg of the stained glass CLICK HERE
Please Note: this image will take a while to download.

For any other version that you are interested in and can not find here
please e-mail with your request.



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