Peggy Nuckols has used the Peaceful Spirit emblem in a magnificent quilted wall hanging and entered it in her County Fair in summer 2004. Viewers were deeply touched by the breath taking colors and fabrics combined with the spiritual symbolism of the design. She knew she had won three prizes: the Blue Ribbon for her catagory; Grand Champion award; and a Special Award for the Design, with particular praise from one of the senior judges.But the final ribbon was a surprise.

"I went last night to get the quilt and there was a another ribbon on it !!! It also got the Peoples Choice Award. What a great thing to happen. By the look of the messages I put with it with all the symbols and their meanings it got looked at often."

"As for the quilt, I just took the pattern from the Stained Glass page and had it enlarged and made quilting changes to it so it would be like a real stained glass. Yes I would share it, I think it costs me about $5.00 to have them printed so big. and then postage to get it to people. If a quilter has done any stained glass quilting this shouldn't be too hard. The hard part was the size of it. I could scale it down to be a more user friendly size pattern if that is necessary.

My pattern is strictly for reverse applique, stained glass.

I'd like to give the quilters a challenge to design a quilt using the symbols as they choose, not necessarily stained glass. On the Symbols page you can click on each of the symbols, and make patterns of each one individually, and on the Downloads page you can get a large version of the whole design which is clear and copyable (as well as black and white versions of the symbols separately and a large version of the stained glass)."..........Peggy

If you like the idea of doing something to promote peace among religions, please take the initiative to organize competitions in your own quilting guilds, to raise funds or awareness in your community, or challenge a neighboring town or city to provide peaceful spirit emblems for local schools, or hospitals.

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