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"Flowers have an impact on the human heart" .... Donna Cunningham, Flower Remedies Handbook

       Blooming for Peace 2005

Humans throughout the ages have had a sense of the spiritual nature of flowers and plants, using them in ceremonies, offerings and healing. Flowers move us deeply on subtle levels that may not be consciously recognized. Consequently a flower garden is a beautiful and powerful way to use the Peaceful Spirit emblem, to spread the message of peace among religions.

The Peace Garden shown here in summer 2005, was at Jackfish Lake , Alberta. The olive branch of the original peaceful spirit design is depicted in the garden by a circle of natural grasses and plants. It represents the Indigenous People and their reverence for Mother Earth. Combining the the olive branch meaning peace, and the earth, we have peace on earth!

The Ancient Egyptian ankh (see Symbols) means life, all life. And the others represent a few of the hundreds of religions that, over the centuries, have been established to help us understand life and connect with the Divine. The large yellow dahlias that surround the 'earth' seem to indicate the presence of sun moon and stars, reflecting the prayer, "through time and space, each faith and race, let there be peace."

A multi-faith garden party was held to celebrate, and share conversation and a meal of ethnic treats.

ARE YOU A GARDENER ? This project has been so rewarding I would encourage other gardeners to put their green thumbs to work on similar gardens and share the results on this website. you will find lots of tips and suggestions. And hold your own interfaith garden party. A great way to spend a summer !


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